Samples of our Projects Include:

Fabulous Smiles Dental Center
Full Service Brand Management - Media Placement, Identity Design, Website, Inbound/Outbound Marketing, Campaign Planning & Project Management.
Rotary Club Logo

Facilitate the website redesign through a Rotary CMS - Perfect for large clubs needing a total solution for membership, marketing newsletters, sponsorship, and turnkey back-office.
Home Plus Caregivers Marketing

Full Service Marketing - Website creation, brand identity, events, media placement, content marketing.
Mayers Jewelers
Brand Consultants, Campaign Planning & Project Management. Outbound/Inbound Marketing, Media Placement, Corporate program development. Social Media.
Content Writing, Case Histories, Client Facing Presentations.
Eaglerider - Motorcycle Rentals - COAX Marketing - San Francisco
Marketing services for rental programs, adventures and groups. Create collateral, marketing campaigns, advertising placement, and website development and e-commerce.

iWireless Solutions

Marketing Project Management and Campaign Planning, Website Design, Promotion, eCommerce
Website Development, Brand Consultants, Campaign Planning & Project Management. Outbound/Inbound Marketing, Media Placement.
New product introduction, branding and creative services. Create Logos, Website, and marketing content. Advertisement placement and landing pages.
Commercial Fleet Services
Marketing services for Commercial Fleet program and general automotive shop services. Create collateral, marketing campaigns, advertising placement, and website development

Marketing Project Management and Campaign Planning, Website Design, Social Media Promotion.
Mid-Peninsula Roofing and Solar. Marketing services, consumer profiles and customized direct mail campaigns
Belmont Shell Marketing

Marketing - Local Awareness
Website Design, Graphic Design, Local Advertising, Adwords Campaign
Website Design, Business Networking Group marketing partner. Overall marketing education and member support marketing services.

Minana Chiropratic Center
Seminar Campaign Planning & Project Management. Inbound lead generation.

1 year Branding and marketing Services Create flyers and marketing channels for each vertical service to include Students, Mortgage, and Credit Cards.
3 years as marketing consultants to guide print, broadcast, and online initiatives. Included special events with live music and joint marketing with local theater groups.
Smile Brite Teeth Whitening Product 90 Days Campaign Branding and Creative services. Develop a channel marketing program for dealers to acquire the services, and open a retail channel.
90 Day Campaign for Grand Opening Event includes Ceremony from City and Local Chamber Officials Radio announcements.
2 years Marketing Consultants to guide print and online initiatives.Special Event to include a Home Energy Products Fair with multiple exhibitors, entertainment, and location management. all phases of marketing to attract exhibitors and attendees.
2 years Marketing Consultants Branding and logo design, Create website and online marketing initiative, create print ads and coordinate vendors. Develop Fleet / VIP program for delivery to large commercial accounts, identify and open marketing channel for large employee buying groups.
1 year Branding Consultants to design, print, and distribute product brochures, identify marketing channels and create a "wholesale to the public" advertising campaign.
2 years Marketing and Branding Services Create a large client marketing program to include specific topics, seminar series, special event advertising placement, and IOA brochure creative and printing.
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